Feminine Empowerment!

Hello again, divine readers!

I would like to take this time to reflect on the wonders of femininity and the simply liberating effect it has on our souls.

Just like most of you, I have fully embraced my feminine side after many years of experimentation and discovery. This process surely was rocky to say the least, and I had many moments of doubt and insecurity. The world as we know it can be a daunting place for men who embrace the feminine aesthetic, but ultimately the feeling of being true to yourself outweighs any of the challenges that may come along with it. In the recent year, I have continued to push the gender envelope in all the places I exist publicly, and my confidence has been bolstered to a level I never thought to be possible.

Many factors have played into my newly found poise, but one of the primary ones is the simple fact that my femininity has been empowered by the existence of communities such as this one. XDress has been a wonderful place for personal validation, both in the confidence the models exude by presenting en femme, as well as the customers that share similar experiences and mentalities. The customer base only continues to grow with each passing day, and this fact goes to show how many men out there are accepting themselves as truly authentic, feminine individuals. This is such an inspiring period of history and I am truly proud to be a part of it.

I recently started a new job, and just like I do anywhere else, I presented the way I feel the most comfortable. This includes wearing satin blouses, beautiful skirts and dresses, and glamorous heels and makeup. Initially I did experience a fair amount of hesitation, and dressed a bit more androgynous as I became acclimated to my new environment. However, I quickly came to realize that no one really cared about my fashion choices, and instead I received many compliments and intrigued individuals who wanted to know more about me. One of my coworkers in particular told me: "Seeing someone who is so unapologetically themselves is always a great person to know".

At this moment I had never felt so proud of myself and my confidence continued to soar to new levels. Another coworker also was explaining my feminine presentation to another, stating "he dresses for fashion, and he looks amazing". These are experiences I simply had to share with you all, as I only wish to inspire every reader of this blog to eradicate any of the toxic societal conditioning you have endured throughout your life. To fully embrace my femininity unabashedly is an experience that I would not give up for anything. After all, gender is a spectrum that we all are free to experiment with as we desire. There are no defined rules or expectations for men or women in how they should appear anymore.

Times are changing rapidly, and it's important for every single one of us to realize and embrace this change to become truly empowered. I mean, how exquisite does it feel to come home after a long days work, and put on something like the Couture Satin & Lace Chemise? Better yet, wearing the Satin Ribbon and Bow Platforms to a a night out? I guarantee such experiences will leave you feeling confident and full of divine femininity that you will never want to give it up. And you never should. Our lives are our own, and we all are free to live them as we desire.

One final example I may share; I recently went clothes shopping while wearing an absolutely gorgeous pair of black patent heels. I live in a rather conservative area and most people around me dress very casual, so I stuck out as much as a sore thumb. At this point, I actually welcome any stares I receive, whether they are full of judgement or admiration. Such actions only prove that I have invoked another person's curiosity to a level where they may start becoming more open minded. Even if they are not, it feels good to burst the black and white bubble people often live in and force them to start thinking differently.

So set yourself free, embrace your femininity and become more empowered than you ever thought possible. Please share whatever experiences you have had that bolstered your confidence like I have. The more we support each other, the happier we can become!



Yes. Yes. Yes, I too find, and have found, the more I embrace my innate femininity and explore its expansiveness, I feel fulfilled, empowered and at times scared. I fondly remember the first time I wore my orange Valentina bra under a see through, white, linen blouse and the double takes I received from family and friends. It was both unsettling and invigorating at the same time. 🫶🏽💋

PJ September 24, 2023

Rodri, after reading your comment, I just knew that I wanted to respond as well. Just like you, I too love the feeling of my suspender belts pulling on my nylons. Especially while riding my Harley and I have to put my feet down at the stop light! Have been wearing nylon panties like forever but when I feel my nylons pulling on my garter belts, it quickly reminds me of what I am wearing under my levis and leather boots! Ron

Ron June 06, 2023

Thank you friends! I just hope I can encourage others to share their stories or thoughts. Rodri, I am so happy for you. The fact that she is getting more into this, at the same time you are, is amazing. You get to go on the journey together and that is going to build on your relationship’s foundation. Just go along with what she says and let her know when its something that is not for you. Good luck! May your nights be more enjoyable than ever.

Joe June 03, 2023

Joe what a story! I m similar in that i don’t want to b a woman or look like one! But i like certain femme styles and love nail polish on my toes! Thanks for chiming in

Stevie June 03, 2023

Interesting story Joe. You’re far more experienced in this subject than me (as everyone else on here seems to be). I only just got my first ever order from xdress, having experienced wearing feminine underwear (my wife’s) on a single occasion before that (an experience I really liked). The xdress items fit great, much better than my wife’s lingerie fitted me, I guess because they are designed for the male shape rather than female. Wearing the newly purchased panties and bra (satin) along with the garter belt and stockings feels great. I love the look of myself dressed up like this and think that my wife does too because she couldn’t stop touching my body through the lingerie as well as my stocking clad legs. At the moment we are both enjoying this new found kink (if that’s what it is), and have talked about other things to try – I have ordered some heels already and my wife has suggested that maybe I should try a basque or corset! I think I’ll be doing some more shopping with xdress very soon…

Rodri June 02, 2023

Much like other peoples stories, I started wearing men’s thongs, g-strings, jocks and whatever else I could find. For years I was very happy with just that. I loved having that little secret under my clothes for my personal enjoyment. As time went on though, I wanted others to enjoy my underwear too. I wanted to show them off and get appreciation for how I looked/felt. While still single, I resorted to online gay dating sites, so I could post pictures of me in them. The feedback was very nice. Shortly after i started dating my now ex GF. She accepted most of it but as I got more feminine with my underwear she started to accept it less. I still plowed forward and started expirimenting more, to find out what i liked. I started buying womens skinny jeans, leggings, running shorts and lounge pants. I even started to wear them out to the store or somewhere I would only be for a short time. It was very liberating. I kept going and found flats in my size and wore them out a couple of times. Keep in mind, I look like a thug from the streets of Chicago, so dressing in anything other than masculine clothing surely looks strange on me. Once I found alternatives to womens wear, I made changes. “Toms” shoes were great with skinny jeans and not too far off from flats. Plenty of websites with mens skinny jeans and leggings, as well. When i discovered the xdress satin pull over, racerback bra, i knew i had to try it. I tried a bra before that and just wasn’t for me. This bra though…wow!! I love the hugging feeling on my chest. I own several now and love them. I wore them to work sometimes but they show underneath my shirts in the back, so I could only wear them if I wore a sweater over my shirt. I also fell in love with the satin chemises from xdress. They are absolutely amazing to lounge in and sleep in. The cross straps in back, is what sets it apart from other skinny strapped tops. No slipping off my shoulders even while sleeping. They could not have been made better. For me, I do not want to be or look like a woman. I do however love women’s “styles” I guess you could say. So I try to mimic the styles I find attractive on them because it makes me feel sexy and unique in a way. I dont seem to care for dresses and skirts, im more into the tight clothing and showing off my butt. After 8 years my GF and I decided to split up so I am seeing what else I can do to feminize myself and find out what I like or dont like. Expirementation is the key to discovering your true self. For the first time ever I decided to paint my toe nails and let me tell you, I really like it. I dont know why I like it but who cares lol. I like looking down at my toes and seeing color. I recently started wearing a silver figaro style anklet and it looks super cute on my trimmed legs. I do enjoy being masculine but I also love to be feminine in certain ways. Its all bout the perfect balance for me. I think most can stay at home and doesn’t need to be shown to the world but its always good to be confident and happy with what you do wear out into the world. If you feel uncomfortable, do not wear it out. If you feel nervous and/or are worried what other might think, just do it. Your future self will definitely thank your past self. What others think, should have no effect on how you feel. Thank you soo much XDRESS AND BODYAWARE for being in my life the past 10 years. You all are great and make the men and women of this world much happier. This is my story and thank you to every one else that has shared theirs. Love, Joe.

Joe June 01, 2023

Rodri, So happy to hear of your wife’s engagement and appreciation of part of what makes you, you. My girlfriend now has done more shopping on this site than I have. She just surprised me with two satin bra and panty sets. We also go out and shop in brick and mortar stores and have matching satin panty and nighty sets. Last Sunday I was requested to do a cat walk for her. That was fun. Our journey has been a lot of fun, and so much better that I don’t have to be all secretive about it. Good one you for taking the first step.

WB May 30, 2023

Hi Rodri Thats great news Please post a pic clean of course of your outfit with review Consider how lucky u r shes on board

Stevie May 26, 2023

Thanks for the recommendations Stevie and Scott. I showed my wife the xdress website (she was as unaware as I was previously, that lingerie made for men was such a thing) and have done some online shopping taking your advice and her thoughts into account. I’m now awaiting delivery of matching xdress satin panties and bra along with a lace garter and seamed stockings (and following my wife’s suggestion, I’ve also ordered some heels to accompany the outfit from elsewhere). When everything arrives, maybe I’ll update you with the developments in our xdress experimentation.
Thanks, Rodri

Rodri May 25, 2023

Rodri- Nice post! I would start with at least: Panties: Anything SATIN, but try to match the garter if possible, or offer a contrasting color, like white. Garter: Lace garter Belt, again, matched or contrasting to panties. Stockings: Hosiery at XDress is nice, I’d go Stay Up Micro Net Stockings in black. They cover the leg hair better than say a white version. If you end up liking and find a groove, try a corset. Very flirty! Anything you try will be adventurous and I am sure your SO will love it!

Scott May 24, 2023

Rodri Lucky u I envy u Start with what you had on. She s already accepted that. Matching bra panties garter and stockings Panties are always a good start Welcome!

Stevie May 20, 2023

I feel like a novice here but have enjoyed reading all the posts. I’m fairly new to the subject of wearing female clothing and have only taken a relatively small step down the path so far. My only experience to date was when my girlfriend suggested that I try wearing lingerie. I love it when she wears sexy lingerie and am always asking her to dress up for me, even though I know she’s not so keen because she says it’s just not comfortable for her (something I’ve questioned and challenged many times!). One day a while back when I asked her to wear stockings she said that if I was so keen on them then why didn’t I wear them instead and so, to prove a point on the comfort disagreement, I agreed. She handed me her garter belt, stockings, panties and a bra and suggested that I wear them for the whole evening to see how it feels for her. It was certainly more difficult to put on the lingerie than I’d expected (particularly clipping stockings into the garter straps, which is definitely not straight forward) but, unexpectedly, I actually loved the experience. The feeling of the nylon stockings rubbing between my legs and the tug of the straps pulling on the garter belt felt strangely exciting. I spent the whole evening wearing this outfit under my clothes and even though our intimacy later that night, which actually felt amazing. I’ve told her how much I enjoyed the experience and so she has suggested that I buy some lingerie of my own (which is when I stumbled upon this Xdress website). I haven’t bought anything yet but intend to do so pretty soon. Any recommendations on what to get first would be appreciated, because everything looks great!
I’m not sure if this is just a bit of experimentation at the moment or whether it might be the start of something more.
Maybe I’ll let you all know how things develop.
Thanks, Rodri

Rodri May 19, 2023

So nice to see I am not alone.

Curia May 15, 2023

So happy for you
The earlier you tell them the better; but not on the first date… or second


Stevie May 14, 2023

I really like the comments on this blog post. I remember coming out to my girlfriend about my love of lingerie and expressing that feminine side of me. Was I nervous, absolutely. Was it a big risk, absolutely. I figured I would rip the band-aid off and just go for it. Am I happy that I did, well, that we did. From that point, we shop together, and buy matching lingerie. We pick out each others bra and panty sets each morning. She asks and encourages me to wear sexy lingerie as she wears it as much as I do. It’s so fun to go to a brick and mortar store to buy lingerie for each other. Nothing is better than a weekend morning together, having coffee, then making breakfast then lounging in our favourite lingerie together. It’s so nice to know that there are other relationships that are open and honest enough to allow your partner to just be themselves. Everything just goes to the next level. I hope the same for all of you. Thanks X-Dress for this platform to share our stories.

WB May 12, 2023

Hi xdressers! I really related to what Eric said about coming out to his wife of 17 years and finding that she was super supportive.. I had a very similar experience with my wife who only knew me as a jeans and flannel kind of guy but when she found out about my femme side was intrigued to say the least! Now she even asks me to wear the various outfits I’ve purchased through xdress! Thank you all for sharing your stories, may more of us find the courage to be ourselves

Peter May 03, 2023

My wife found me once wearing her clothes and the first think was like wtf but later told me you looks so sexy in white babydoll garter belts white stockings and white thong. Now she is agree with my desires and i go sleep every night with her wearing sexy lingerie. Sex wearing lingerie is amazing for me and her.

Jhon April 30, 2023

I have been so nervous wearing this, so I started wearing very risky men’s panties, my wife likes them but really didn’t care if I wore them or not. I wanted to expand with wearing more sexy things with her. I was really nervous about her thinking I was weird or a major perv. But once I told her how free it made me feel and how sexually turned one it made me feel with our sex life she supported me and started having fun with me. Talk to your partner about your sexual desires and fantasies, you never know they might be open or at least supportive, our sex life have amazing sense I have. Enjoy your sex and love life with the one your love. It might keep you from wondering and keep it healthy and kick it up a notch Sincerely Intense orgasms

Craig April 28, 2023

hello frank

As I understand it with Frank, I still haven’t had the courage to wear another more visible type of clothing. However, every day under my suit I wear my favorite lingerie that I choose according to my state of mind or my boyfriend chooses for me. Like Frank, I feel invigorated and ready for another day of hard work. The reward is that we look beautiful for ourselves and for the people we love and are with us. Yours sincerely.

Francisca April 27, 2023

Eric, you are one lucky person !

Stevie April 26, 2023

I admire the confidence you have to openly wear feminine clothes. Unfortunately I haven’t yet managed to get to a level where I can confidently wear feminine garments that would be visible to others. Instead I fulfil the expression of my femininity through the lingerie that I wear beneath my masculine clothes. Today, I am at work in my regular business suit, however beneath my outward appearance I am wearing nylon stockings over my smooth freshly shaven legs, along with a satin and lace garter belt, satin panties and a silky camisole. No-one else knows about my secret underdressing. But I do, and I’m feeling empowered through the secret expression of my inner femininity…

Frank April 26, 2023

Eric-that’s such a lovely story, and well done for “owning up”-it’s a really brave thing to do when you just don’t know what the response will be-so pleased for you.
Sometimes it just feels right to take that step, and your gut instinct takes over and makes it happen.
I was in a similar position-albeit not with an SO or GF, but with an understanding acquaintance-I was scared stiff, but now I’m just so happy that I took the plunge, and can be a fully dressed Georgina with a friend.
Good for you!


Georgina April 26, 2023

I have been cross dressing off and on for almost 30 years. I grew up in a very strict mormon household and was always taught that it was wrong and immoral. My parents found my panties one day and sent me to the bishop to talk about what I was doing. I was sent to a Mormon counselor for counseling. He sent me to Sexaholics anonymous because my cross dressing almost always led to self pleasure. I ended up serving a mission for the church, but found a way to get panties while I was out and would wear them whenever I could. I ended up telling the mission president and getting sent home. My wife and I have been married for 17 years and I finally came out to her on our anniversary. She couldn’t have been more supportive! I was amazed. She told me that she didn’t care and that I should just be me. I have dreaded that conversation since we started dating and it went better than I thought. She told me that I could have a space in our room for my clothing and items and she even commented how cool it was that we had matching panties! It’s hard being a cross dresser living in Utah because of the church and judgements. I wish I had more support, but knowing my wife has no problem with it, is a huge step in the right direction for me.

Eric April 25, 2023

Hi Nathan I thought this would get more responses but no worries I m happy to be more myself Wearing makeup 💄 though no-one can tell I can and that’s enough I ve incorporated femme work out gear which is sexy and hot Keeps me motivated

Stevie April 20, 2023

Thank you Nathan. I’m so excited to have discovered this site. You are an inspiration to me, and I’m sure to many others. For years, I have yearned to express my feminine self. I’ve come to believe that many of us are on a continuum of feminine -—> masculine. And, I think I am at times more feminine and at times, more masculine. I have always admired feminine clothing, purchasing sexy, silky women’s panties even as a teen. All of us have probably experienced some frustration in not finding the correct fit for us. XDRESS is like discovering a pot of gold for me. Where to start?

Mark April 07, 2023

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