The Power of Gratitude!

The Power of Gratitude!

Gratitude makes you feel happier, more optimistic, more empathetic, even improves the health of your heart and the quality of your sleep – or so a quick google search tells me. It’s something that’s currently talked about a lot – you may have participated in some form of “gratitude journal” and noticed that, yes you do feel better as a result of noticing the things in your life that light you up, make you feel happy. 

And what does this have to do with XDress and lacy panties? Well, the people who choose this underwear, and their partners are often immensely grateful for this lingerie even existing in the world, and some of that gratitude is expressed on the blog, or in private messages to Kristina and David the founders of this wonderful family business. 

I love to read the comments on the XDress blog; they always bring a smile to my face, and make me feel inexplicably happier. That’s the gratitude! And it comes in many forms and for many different reasons. 

Gratitude that this more feminine, beautiful, lacy, sensual lingerie exists in a form that actually is made for the male body. Gone are the days of forcing your “bits” into panties, thongs, bras that are uncomfortable for any length of time, and do not fit, that are not even designed for your body shape – the lingerie feels good because it really fits. 

Gratitude for the beauty, the colors, the design, the sumptuous fabrics, the care that has been put into the design. All of this makes it just feel good to wear the underwear – it somehow contributes to the body feeling nurtured, looked after and cared for. And your partner can enjoy this too. Of course, he or she can enjoy the visuals, but can also enjoy the way this lingerie makes your body “sing” and come alive! 

Men, particularly straight men, also feel really happy that they are not alone, not somehow wrong or weird for desiring to wear this kind of lingerie. It seems it is not at all unusual for straight men to love this underwear, to enjoy wearing it either out and about beneath their clothes, or in the privacy of their own homes with their significant other. Whilst everyone is different, and particularly in the area of sex and sexual expression, knowing there are many thousands of other men out there who share some of the same desires can be reassuring. 

People tend to wonder if their desires are “normal”; and whilst my sense is that there is no such thing as “normal” (thank goodness!) when it comes to our sexuality and desire, the community that is developing around the XDress Lingerie can be hugely supportive. Even in the 2020s, this can still be a “fringe” topic if not presented in the right way. However, XDress with its top-quality photography and models presents men’s lingerie in a respectful and attractive manner, showing it’s not a pornographic or an extreme fetish subject that has to be censored or suppressed, but it is something that can be enjoyed by everyone without any sense of shame.

Men and their male and female partners are even saying that this underwear has been a massive contribution to their relationships, even saving their relationships. How can this be so? Well, pretending to be something we are not, in this case pretending to be a happy boxer short wearer or a conventional Y-fronts or tighty whities boy, when you and your body crave something completely different, can literally make you start to feel that you are dying inside. 

We get so used to it – pretending to be something we are not to fit in, and this can be amplified in the area of sexuality. It’s the area with the greatest judgment, the most taboo, and can be where we feel the most guilt; having support to live out being who you actually are sexually can literally bring back people’s 'Joie de Vivre!' 

Funnily enough, sitting here writing this, I feel happier and happier! It’s obviously true what the experts say about gratitude! I love that this different, bold, beautiful lingerie is available in the world, and also sense that the massive gratitude for it in the community already wearing it is actually starting to invite more people to experience the pleasure of this underwear.

Please join our community of like-minded individuals who offer support unconditionally, by adding your thoughts and experiences in the comments below. It can be totally anonymous; you do not need to give a real name or email address.

Thank you!


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Paul, rest assured, you are not alone. I do find it so interesting how we place such rules around these things such as attire, jobs, roles, preferences. I was just having a conversation regarding females who grew up discovering the world in a physical manner such as fixing their bike, taking things apart, playing football and the like, were labeled tomboys, as if this was a masculine activity. What if a male didn’t want to do those things, were they a sissy? Maybe it has nothing to do with being a male or a female, maybe it was just who they were, and how they interacted with the world? I have written blogs here about masculine and feminine energy, every person has both energies in them to varying degree’s. What if you lit up your feminine energy when you dressed this way, where is that wrong? If it is energy, you won’t be able to “think” your way through it. Energy never stops, it just goes where you direct it. What is the worst that would happen if you embraced it? It is yours after all. Something to consider. As Stevie writes, I love the look and feel of this lingerie, and wear it daily, it fulfills that part of my feminine energy. On the weekend, I was fixing my hot tub, changing the oil in my car, and smoking meat, it fulfills my masculine energy. It’s a win in my world.


I’m so grateful to those public figures who cross-dress and who are expanding the realm of what is acceptable for those of us still hidden in the shadows. My heart leaps for joy when I see pictures of well known people cross-dressed, online or on TV. Thank you for your confidence and showing me how I can be.

Ally x


Paul xdress blog jan 2020 Has a post getting your self on board Check it out may help


Hi Paul I read your reply w great interest It’s different for all of us Wearing materials that that feel good shouldn’t make us doubt our masculinity! Its just a sensual good feeling The social construct brings the guilt. In this era every social construct is being challenged Some i agree with some i dont I do think we should respect all opinions and b allowed to b ourselves I feel no less of a man wearing lingerie I ve often posted here, if this lingerie is male lingerie, am I crossdressing ? Keep being introspective u will figure it out and we are here to help Xdress has tapped into the hidden lingerie wearing male ! And there are so many of us out here Get ur lingerie on I did Stevie


Thank you Stevie, knowing that others have been where I currently am is reassuring. I’ve tried my hardest to figure out why I feel so good when I wear lingerie but can’t seem to nail it. It’s possible that there might be some reason deep in my subconscious but I’ve felt the same since I was nine or ten, so I don’t think it’s rebellious naughtiness like it is for you. I’ve also tried my hardest to dissuade myself from enjoying the look of myself dressed up, and the feel of the materials, cuts and the slight pull of garter straps holding up my stockings, etc., but ultimately I always give in to my desires to get dressed up, and feel great when I do. As for the guilt and shame I feel, maybe this is me questioning my own masculinity (like you explained about yourself) so I will think on this some more. It would be so much easier if I didn’t feel so good when I wear women’s underwear but I’m starting to realise that this is an undeniable part of myself. What I really need is to lose that similarly undeniable feeling of shame. Maybe what I need to do first is to figure why I feel such a strong need to wear lingerie.


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