Spring Fashion Trends: Lingerie Edition

Spring Fashion Trends: Lingerie Edition

Spring is quite a fun season, especially when it comes to fashion. Bright colors and fun prints are in, and it’s usually filled with such effortless looks. With so many fun patterns and styles, I would only think that your lingerie should also adapt to the new season! However, if you’re a little confused on how to incorporate some more Spring into your lingerie collection, here are a few things you could look out for.

Pastel colors are a HUGE springtime trend. Bright pinks, powder blues, and soft greens would make for some good colors in your springtime collection. Think Easter colors. Maybe not as bold, but definitely something that has the uplifting feeling that you get from looking at typical Spring fashion.


Patterns are also very in, this spring! Even if the color of the garment is neutral, a fun pattern on the outside will make it stand out and give it that bright feeling that you see in typical Spring fashion. Wearing items like these will show a fun side to your fashion. I know I love fun patterns! Just ask my coworkers: they’ve seen me in a button-up with lemurs printed all over it.


Though softer pastel colors are the trend during Spring, so are some bolder colors! Bright pinks, yellows, various shades of green, and most colors under the rainbow that you can think of! Just try to avoid reds, dark blues, or any other darker hues. Just think of the colors you’d see in a bright, blooming flower! 



And speaking of flowers…floral prints are definitely in, for Spring! Adding floral patterns into your wardrobe will put an instant burst of Spring into your collection. Whether it’s a simple arrangement of flowers or a bright floral pattern, this is a surefire way to really showcase your knowledge on Spring fashion trends.

These are just a few of our tips for making your lingerie a bit more fit for the Spring season! It’s always fun keeping up the trends and finding the things you enjoy wearing for the seasons. Hey, soon enough, you could be so good at picking out seasonal lingerie, your friends will be flocking to you for all of the good suggestions!

What sorts of springtime garments do you enjoy the most? Let us know in the comments! 

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