Summer Satin Lingerie Refresh

Summer Satin Lingerie Refresh

Although XDress caters to many diverse groups who enjoy the expansive variety of styles and materials that XDress has to offer, nothing excites me more than when new Satin Lines are released! 

Cotton, Lycra, and other materials are excellent, but the Satin Collection has always been my favorite. Always buy Satin underwear from XDress when you see it available, as these collections run out fast! Something must resonate with the site visitors that make them 'Add to the Cart' and sell out these items so fast! 

I’ll start with the new collection. The Gold Satin & Lace Bikini Panty and matching Satin & Lace Bra bring me back to the first time I wore panties. It was a moving experience, and my SO at the time was so supportive. She left her pair behind at my apartment and left for work. I found them on the floor, put them on, and wore them to work.  I can remember the feeling like it was yesterday!  The smooth, cool satin slid over my hips and cradled me.  Something very sexy and erotic took over me, and I had a “hard” time concealing my little secret at work.  I called her from the office and told her what I was wearing, and she said to keep them on until she got off work.  It was difficult to concentrate that day, and I kept wishing the time away.  Finally, the work day ended, and I rushed home, where she was waiting.  She asked me to strip for her, and when I got down to my panties, she could not take any more.  We had a great evening, and I was lucky for her support.  The support given that day helped me grow into the person I am today! I now wear panties daily!  I know many of you on this site feel the same way; some outwardly XDress it, while others inwardly XDress it.  It was about growth and development and learning the confidence to wear panties.  

I have so many pairs of XDress panties that I may need help. I must have over 200 pairs of XDress panties.  I do have a few favorites, like the Satin Polka Dot collection. However, I had both the pink and white, and the blue and white collections. I loved the blue and white just a bit more, especially when matched with the Satin Blue and White Polka Dot Skirt!  Another showstopper when showing off the SO and something so femme about these matching sets.  

I also love the satin front and lace-backed panties.  The lace hugs and shapes your bum nicely while the styling cradles you well.  I also like some of the dresses, especially the Black French Maid Dress (come back into stock!!!), as I would dress up and clean the house for my SO, which would get a significant rise out of her!

It's just something about the fabric of satin that makes me feel more feminine than other collections. If I had to rank my favorite underwear fabrics from fabulous to comfortable, they would be satin, lace, Lycra, mesh, then cotton.  The first three in that list are far more femme than cotton, which may be the fabric of our lives, but it’s not as unusual.  Satin is more fun, flirty, sexy, and just plain better! 

Thankfully XDress has a great design team that knows how to cut these products perfectly for the male body, and the pouch front cradles your nuts in satin luxury.  All their products are tailor-made for the male body while dressing us in luxurious fabrics like satin.  I would like to see some red satin designs and more fun ones like the polka dot collection come back in different colors and maybe a few different patterns, like perhaps a Burberry-type satin or white satin with little kisses on them. But the style team is diligently working on the next best thing! And I cannot wait to see (and buy) them!

I always look forward to the regular releases of new offerings and designs. XDress is a small family company, and unlike large businesses, they listen to customer suggestions, so don't hold back on your great ideas!  And when you see Satin, buy it up while it lasts, as you are sure to be dazzled!


Watch Our Behind the Scenes Summer Satin Collection YouTube Video!

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Since I purchased my first xdress satin panties I simply afore them. The colours, designs and that oh so sexy look. The satin feels and looks perfect.
Thank you Xdress


I have been looking for some satin panties for my wardrobe and now have finally found a good company to buy my wardrobe from


There is a sexy sophistication to satin. It has its own elegance. It creates a different experience, has a different connotation! Its soothing ! Satin is dressy for me! I like it under my suits when i m going out! I ll put make up on for those occasions When i get home i m very comfortable just lounging in the satin undergarments with a satin robe Get ur lingerie on Stevie


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