The Art of Haircare

Greetings dear readers. I hope this blog finds you well and safe. For this blog, I would like to turn our attention to the important topic of hair care. You can be an absolute master of makeup and styles of clothing, but if your hair is a greasy rat’s nest, you’re wasting your time with everything else!

First, let’s consider the hair on your head, face, and eyebrows. Regarding the hair on your head, there are so many styles today and I would encourage you to find whatever style seems to work for you. Regular shampooing and conditioning is a must. I don’t recommend the 2 in 1 types that are both shampoo and conditioner. With shampoo, getting a shampoo with biotin in it is a good idea, as biotin strengthens the hair. The simplest way to ensure you are getting the best shampoo and conditioner is to go to a hair salon and get a recommendation. Of course, they are going to recommend the product they sell (go figure) but they generally sell top of the line products.


As far as facial hair is concerned, the only thing I will say is to make sure it is neatly tended and trimmed. Concerning eyebrows, big bushy eyebrows are definitely out. For nice, neat eyebrows, go to a nail salon. Most of them wax eyebrows and know what they are doing.

Speaking of waxing, let’s move on to another type of hair care, and that is hair removal. This is a big one for me, as I enjoy wearing skirts – especially shorter skirts during warm weather. Skirts and hairy legs just don’t go together, and hairy armpits and sleeveless blouses don’t look so hot either. 

There are basically three types of hair removal – shaving, depilatory cream, and waxing. Each has its advantages. First, shaving is the most straight forward and can easily be done in the shower. The downside is in order to maintain a neat appearance, you have to shave frequently. If you shave the Brazilian area, there is the hazard of razor burn which is really uncomfortable in that very sensitive area. There are creams on the market that are designed to deal with that problem, and you apply it a few minutes before hitting the shower. Repeated shaving of the Brazilian area toughens the skin, just like it does on your face, and eventually, you won’t need the prep cream.

The second method of hair removal is depilatory cream. With this cream, you apply it several minutes before showering and then let the shower rinse off the cream. Theoretically, the hair will rinse off with the cream. I say “theoretically” because whether or not it works depends on the texture of your hair. The hair on women’s legs tends to be finer than men’s, although that certainly isn’t always true. The texture of the hair on my legs is pretty coarse, and depilatory cream doesn’t work at all well for me.  All I can really say on this topic is to try it if you like and see what happens.

This brings us to the third method of hair removal – waxing. People who do this are referred to as estheticians. Word of mouth is usually the best way to find an esthetician. I am an advocate of waxing and have had waxing every six months for about seven years. I have now gotten to the point that I can go more like 18 months, as the hair follicles eventually give up. I wanted an esthetician who was crossdresser friendly, and I found one. She has no problem at all with seeing me in panties. In fact, the last time I was there, we got into a really good conversation, and when she was done with the waxing, I was sitting on the table in my panties still talking and neither one of us had a second thought about a man sitting in nothing but panties talking to a woman behind closed doors. That is how comfortable we are with each other.

The advantage of waxing is that you can have it done once every six months or so to start out, and it leaves your skin incredibly smooth and clean feeling. The downside is when you first start, it is pretty uncomfortable. My recommendation is to take some sort of over the counter pain killer about an hour before you go in. Eventually, you won’t need to do that, as the amount of hair growth diminishes over time, as I’ve already said, and you just kind of get used to it.  I’ve had a couple of Brazilians and all I can say is if you are into pain... Brazilians hurt like a bad dog, and after the second one, I decided a razor was just fine with me.

Well, there you have my thoughts on hair care. Get those keyboards humming and share your thoughts with the rest of us. You know I love reading your thoughts.

Fond regards,



Some time ago, I got tired of shaving my crotch area, though I truly prefer it bare there. This article discusses just three options, but there are two more, both permanent. One, very pricey and ouchy is electrolysis. Not recommended. But for those with relatively dark hair and relatively light skin, there is another, very affordable and effective method that has worked perfectly for me: Intense Pulse Light, a home-based variation on laser removal (whoops, there’s a third unmentioned option – also pricey and inconvenient). For a few hundred dollars, an IPR unit can be bought, and after three sessions over four weeks time, almost all treated area is hair-free. A few rogues appeared over the next few months, but a touch-up zap took care of those two. Does it hurt? Yeah, there’s a sting, but nothing so bad as waxing! I have no idea why this is not more widely known and used: cheap, at-home, effective!

Jc October 03, 2022

Hair removal! I have been blessed with a relatively hairless torso, but cursed with being extremely hairy below the rib-line. So, a few weeks ago, a few girls I know commented on my legs and how hairy they were, the said I should shave them. So, today I got some hair removal cream and exfoliated everything except head and arms. I keep my head well groomed and trimmed, but had never really bothered with elsewhere, today was a first for me. Sliding my panties over my freshly exfoliated legs felt amazing, I slipped them on and off several times I enjoyed it so much. Even putting jeans on felt great. Now I’ve got to maintain the look, I’ll probably keep using the cream for now as it worked well, but imagine I’d need to repeat the exercise anything between fortnightly and monthly?

Jeremy January 03, 2021

Body hair whilst natural, does not convey the beauty of a man’s body.
The gorgeous choices available through body aware are, in my opinion, designed for the shaven male body.
The beauty of a smooth shaven male is adequately portrayed when he dons some of body aware’s beautifully designed femine underwear. It shows off the femininity of the clothes and look absolutely gorgeous too.
A smooth shaven male body is extremely sexy and very inviting, whether your attractive to another male or female is irrelevant.
Keep up the blog and the equally interesting comments.
Stay smooth and sexy.

Michael July 03, 2020

I love to use a epilator over my entire body once a month..My legs and arms entire body is so smooth and totally hairless I love doing once a month.

holly June 26, 2020

Never posted before but I shave everything from my eyebrows down. I have a very Alpha Male profession but under dress every day. Panties 24/7 for years. For work and doctors I wear plain panties.. I could never pass but love being in touch with my feminine side and so does my wife. In fact it was her idea that I shave Everything. Nobody has ever said a word to me about it and at this point in my life I don’t care anyway. I love being hair free and enjoys silky and lacy lingerie on my soft skin!!

Christie June 18, 2020

Hi, I’m new to the world of xdress, but not to the world where I cross dress. Reading your blogs are awesome, really enjoy them. Your topic of hair removal, I just wanted to say and point out, there is another method maybe not as talked or known about. Its like shaving but has the results of waxing everyday. Its a little brash and can seem archaic at first. I’m talking hair epilation, using a razor like device to pull hair out by the roots. I have 20 years of hair removal the first 15 shaving, these last 5 straight epilating. I love the feel and look, its like waxing but better by far. Anyway I thought I would leave you gurls with this as an option to consider. I will agree it won’t be for everyone, as my hair is very fine and light to begin with. So those with very coarse or thick hair this could obviously be like a form of torture. As well if you wax before trying epilating, its a way of easing into epilating without rushing g.

Bella June 18, 2020

Excellent comments and tips from everyone, I really enjoyed reading them, just thought I’d send in my 2 cents worth. I pretty much shave everything, chest, underarms, legs, even down south, and I’ve found it works pretty well. As others have pointed out, the skin gets used to it and I rarely get razor burn anymore. I use Nivea Body Shaving which is like stick deodorant and it goes on easily and works well. I’ve also used Nair for Men which lasts a few days longer than shaving and doesn’t bother my skin. Thankfully I don’t have thick body hair which makes grooming much easier and enjoyable. That’s important this time of year when my GF and I wear shorts a lot, or skirts for a night out and want to show off our tan legs.
Sorry for rambling on! Everyone stay safe in these bizarre times!

Kyrstin June 16, 2020

Hi Nathan. Thanks for your input on laser hair removal. I’ve not tried that, so I appreciate your input. Stay safe, my friend.

Fond regards,

Angie June 15, 2020

Hello everyone! This is a great blog and certainly an essential topic. I personally use Nair on my legs like Keri. I too have very coarse hair, but with Nair you aren’t supposed to simply let it rinse off in the shower, but instead wipe off the hairs with a damp towel after letting the cream sit for 5 minutes or so. I shave the rest of my body as well, body hair just isn’t my thing .

In regards to laser removal, I may be the only one here who does it so I will offer my knowledge. I use a portable laser removal handset and have been doing so for a couple months (once a week) and there are parts of my legs where hair just doesn’t grow anymore. I would say it definitely works, and using Nair as well makes it even more effective.

Anyway, those are my thoughts! It’s always great to be a part of these discussions!


Nathan June 12, 2020

Great comments as always. You all are a great bunch! A couple of questions have been posed, and I will answer them here. Mar, you asked about laser hair removal. I’m sorry I didn’t touch on this in the blog. The reason I didn’t is because I’m no expert on it. The equipment is a bit pricey and I wasn’t interested in shelling out the money to find that it doesn’t work. I do wonder how much time it would take, compared to a waxing, which can take from 30 to 90 minutes, depending on how many body areas are involved.

Ally x, you asked about removal of hair on the forearms. That really is a matter of personal preference. My mom (may she rest in light) shaved her arms. I thought it was a bit strange, and I didn’t like touching her arms when she had a stubble. Again, it’s just a matter of preference. If you like it, go for it!

Fond regards,

Angie June 08, 2020

I should have said – there is one very private area I do shave regularly. This is for presentation purposes and definitely has a hygiene benefit too. Doing that on a regular basis makes me feel I’m showing respect for others. I also extend that shave to a wider area for visual and sensual appeal and It seems that I only need to do that once every few weeks or so.
Funny how you get different types of hair in different places.
What do you do about forearm hair? Mine’s not that heavy and I’ve considered bleaching to feel more comfortable in shorter sleeves.
Love to you all
Ally x

Ally June 08, 2020

I love to keep my body hair :) I shaved few times and it was nice for a day only and my wife didn’t like. I found the I love the the connection between my male body and my inner femininity. I know that most of the crossderssers or underdressers love to be smooth.
I wish that xdress will give more attention to man like me that enjoy both parts of them…

yaniv June 06, 2020

You must have read my mind Angie.
I was thinking about hair only the other day. I normally wear trousers but am really tempted by xdress’s latest mesh mini-dresses. I’ve shaved in the past but find it so much trouble so wondered about leaving my leg hair on. And I noticed your model does, so I thought, why not?
Admitedly, your model is not that hairy, and neither am I naturally. I also wondered about how society has created this idea that women must be hairless. Yet women do have naturally hairy legs.
So I had just convinced myself that a mesh mini with fishnets and unshaven legs would be ok.
Maybe it is.
Ally x

Ally June 06, 2020

A well presented article on hair removal giving pretty much all the options available.
For me personally, smooth is the only look; irrespective of how you achieve it!
I shave my pubes everyday. Wearing gorgeous panties with loads of hair showing looks awful. Smooth shaven looks good and feels good to. The skin soft to the touch is so much nicer, and sexy too.
Likewise for the legs, stockings and hairy legs do not go together. Nothing feels nicer than sliding your stockings up smooth legs. It looks amazing too.
Keep up the informative blogs.

Michael June 06, 2020

I’ve been waxing for years! I have an esthetician who was sweet, and accepting from the start. We became close and great friends over the years. She has been buying me panties for a while :) I love having shapes done!

Matti June 05, 2020

I’ve been enjoying the content! All of it!
What do you think about IPL Laser Hair Removal tools that you can purchase?
I’d appreciate your input.

Mar June 05, 2020

Oh My, I love this article. For me the subject began years ago. I think the first area I removed hair from was under my arms. I was so self conscious at first. Today I don’t think about it. I was sure that someone would notice at the pool or whenever I didn’t wear a shirt. If they did they never said it to me. But, I still think of it as my first big step to accepting my feminine side. Yes, I was already wearing panties and other lingerie.

Perhaps a few year later I shaved my legs. But that stubbly look came back quickly. At that point I had already looked at Nair and thought maybe. I did it and loved it. My legs were so smooth. I am not all that hairy to begin with. The first time out wearing shorts and my legs seemed to me to be shiny I was totally aware of my legs. I was positive people were noticing but just went about as it as though nothing was different. The shiny look goes away but, do use creams on your legs daily as that will help soften them and keep a nice smooth look. They felt fantastic. I loved the way they looked and my feminine side was delighted. Using Nair became a permanent thing. By the way the longer you use it you will find the hair basically stops growing. For me anyway.

The Nair thing became the way I finally got rid of my body hair. Never had back hair and just a minimum amount up front. That only left the hair “down there”.

Between great web sites like XDRESS, EpicLeopard and social media sites where you can meet other like minded gurls. I was ready to explore down there. I had always wanted to have a “runway”. I decided to try just a small amount of Nair at the base area. It worked nicely. Yikes I was excited. I did the Nair thing and went completely no hair. I had always loved slipping into panties everyday but this was incredible. In time I was slowly developing my runway. It took time and patience, some errors. It is the ultimate.

So great Blog. Hope my story isn’t to naughty. Oh heck, no I don’t. Thank you Xdress for helping me on my trip to accepting and even becoming the effeminate male I am today Kisses. Keri

Keri June 05, 2020

Great article. I have found that the more I go waxing, the less discomforting it is. And it’s always great to put some stockings on at any time and not have to worry about any missed hairs.

Leah (Bill) June 05, 2020

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