The Panty Packer Tries Crossdressing at Work!

The Panty Packer Tries Crossdressing at Work!

Hi, everybody!


It's John the Panty Packer! Whats up?! 


This week I was presented with an interesting and brand new task that I couldn't pass up. I was asked to try cross-dressing and then share my experience with everybody! How cool is that?!! What an awesome experience!


I'd like to start out by sharing what items I decided to wear. I was able to browse through the racks, rows, and shelves of all our amazing XDress products. There was so much to choose from, but in order to make my XD experience totally legit I decided on the matching Lace Bra and Panty set. (Z768, Z778)  I bet your boss never asked you to put on a lace thong and bra and tell them about how it made you feel! I love my job so much! 


I had never actually tried something like this before. Obviously, because I need to be aware and familiar with the products we sell I have worn almost every type of underwear we sell. But this day was different. I wasn't just trying things on. I was going to truly experience what it would be like to wear these sexy items all day. What would it be like? Would I be able to carry out all my usual tasks without being hindered or distracted? I was excited to find out.


I changed into my new and exciting outfit and had to stand in front of the mirror for a minute. It was so interesting to see myself in a new style that was totally foreign to me. The lace on the thong and bra was a stark contrast to the typical cotton underwear and clothing that many men usually wear. While sliding my clothes on over these new under garments I noticed my first major difference. It was so much easier to put clothes on while wearing these lace items. I have found in the past that while putting on shorts, my cotton underwear would catch, snag, and bunch up. After I would put on my shorts I would have to adjust my underwear to find a comfortable position. It was the same when I wear an undershirt as well. I was constantly adjusting and trying to get the under fabric to lay correctly. A constant hassle! 


With the sexy lace underwear my clothes would slide on, and off, more easily then I could ever have imagined. It was a great feeling. My clothes seems to run smoothly over my body. Gliding over the lace and providing a very soothing feeling. The feel of my bare exposed ass against the seat of my shorts was a sensation that I was not prepared for. It was different. It was stimulating. It was unexpected. That unexpected surprise heightened my sense of touch and made my body much more aware of itself and made me much more aware of my body. I was almost taken aback. I had no idea that it would be this comfortable or that it would evoke the response it did from my body.


With honesty being my top priority I must confess that the bra was the item that I was initially most concerned with. Once out of the package I inspected the lace bra. I was thrilled to see that there was no clasp in the back. Perfect! The thought of wrestling with a bra clasp was not something I desired. This item was clearly designed for a man. The straps crossed in the back so I had to make sure that I was entering my arms and head through correctly. The stretchiness of the lace made this endeavor quite simple. Once it was on I found it to be quite comfortable. It reminded me of wearing a tank top that only extends to the mid-chest area. I was wondering how it would wear throughout the day. I have seem women many times grab at their bras and adjust them with some frequency. I did not find the need to adjust much at all. I suppose it is possible that because I do not have breasts, it made the bra sit more comfortably. I put my shirt back on and away I went with my day.

I made sure to work all day and preform all the typical tasks that I would during the course of a regular day. I have to admit that I was a little worried about showing the top of my thong when bending over or stretching up. Those worries were all for naught. Everything stayed in the right place while the thong held my front in place through all the rigors of my day. The bra was much more comfortable than I envisioned. There was no support wire and the stretch was amazing. It flowed with my body and moved with my chest as I lifted and turned. There was never a snagging moment and above all nobody was the wiser to what I was wearing underneath. I was slightly concerned that it might become obvious I was wearing a bra, but none of my co-workers had any idea about my little secret that day!  


At the end of the day, I had to change back to my regular cotton boxer-briefs. As soon as I unbuttoned my shorts they slid quickly and smoothly off my body and onto the floor. There was no shimmying to get out, or worry about pulling the shorts and undies off at the same time. It sure did make getting undressed much easier! To get out of the bra it was as simple as taking off a wife-beater. The fact that this bra was designed specifically for a mans body was a huge benefit. 


I had to stop and reflect about my experience from the day. I learned that while these items are very different than traditional mens underwear, they made me feel good and different. I felt that I was in something that was made for me. It did not feel as if my body was forced or uncomfortable in this set. This was an experience that provided me an opportunity to explore the different qualities and feelings that are associated with alternative types of underwear. I now consider myself more enlightened and more empowered. I had to be comfortable with myself in order to undertake this opportunity and now that it is over I feel that I have grown and learned a great deal about myself and exactly how items such as these can impact how we feel about ourselves. Maybe I will chase that feeling…


I would love to hear about your own experiences and/or thoughts about mine. Sharing is caring! So please share below in the comments! 


John the Panty Packer signing off!  

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I’m also happy you enjoyed your experience


Welcome to the club! Glad you found the experience so much fun! It is an empowering feeling wearing panties and so much fun as XDress offers so many styles and varieties!


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