What Does "Lingerie" Mean to You?

If we mentioned the word “lingerie” to any person, we can assume that they may think of lacy, frilly, revealing clothing that is worn for mere minutes before it is being thrown all over the bedroom. It’s the stuff that we primarily see women wearing that is supposed to get men who are attracted to women SUPER wound up.


Thinking of lingerie in that sense isn’t wrong. The technical definition for lingerie, according to the Merriam Webster dictionary, is “women’s intimate apparel.” Once you think about this definition, the obvious loophole is that “men can wear this stuff, too.” So the definition there has already changed, since it’s not strictly just for women.


After breaking down that wall, we then have to think about whether or not traditional “lingerie” would be attractive for women who are attracted to men. Would they enjoy seeing their boyfriend in that sort of apparel? Or would they rather have him wear something on the more masculine side? Would it still be considered lingerie even if it’s not feminine?


A lot of these questions were spurred by this one picture from the internet:




We know it’s not a definitive statement, because every woman is going to think differently about what sort of clothing will attract them to a man. However, it got us thinking about whether lingerie can really be condensed into just one standard of clothing. Because lingerie is primarily meant to arouse a partner, why WOULDN’T a suit be considered lingerie for some people? If it turns them on in the bedroom, why not have their partner wear a suit and have them consider it as “lingerie?”


Unless wearing other types of clothing for sexual arousal is mostly considered “fetish”…but then is lingerie just a TYPE of fetish? Or does it just belong to its own category?


As you can see, this has become something puzzling to our brains at XDress. However, we would like to know what you all think of this! What do YOU consider “lingerie” to be? Is it primarily the frilly, feminine clothing that we think of first? Or do you think it’s broadened out to be so much more?


Have a wonderful day and happy XDressing!


Team XDress



I wear lingerie in my daily life, for a long time. First because I like it, I feel very comfortable and my femme side is more exalted. My boyfriend loves that I look good every day, he often asks me to put on a pair of underwear that he likes and I think it excites him during the day to think how beautiful I look for him. And when it comes we make love intensely. For me lingerie means sensuality, secrecy and love!

Nuno January 24, 2020

I wear lingerie, panties, because it excites me and arouses those that see me. Which is my reason to wear intimates…!!

Fran January 04, 2019

Interesting question, I wear ‘traditional’ male underwear as well as feminine underwear, but when I think about lingerie I suppose I tend to think
more about my sexy silky feminine underwear rather than my day to day panties/knickers or even my silk or designer boxers. I’ve always found the idea that underwear has a sexuality weird anyway, can’t wait for the day when I go to a mens underwear section in a shop and see a pair of briefs with little bows on them, we’re getting a little closer with more cuter/flamboyant patterns, bolder colours and silkier/stretchier materials for men but women still have a massive lead on us lol

Andy November 14, 2018

Ultimately it is whatever turns one on. The stereotypical image of lingerie is unarguably feminine and certainly the term “lingerie” is linked inextricably with “sexy”, “seductive” etc. I buy in to that image but don’t see why it should be restricted to women either in fantasy or reality. I prefer lingerie to be underneath a woman’s outer clothing and feel the same about myself and other men. I adore lingerie on both men and women and the thought of either myself and/or my partner (Whether male or female) wearing lingerie is intoxicatingly sexy.

Fritz October 17, 2018

I feel like rockstar in my silk boxers because when I wear them under my slacks I feel totally in control and ready to score big. The cool fabric and awesome boxerstyles I wear everyday makes me feel like a millionaire.

Kieran October 17, 2018

Lingerie means to me, excitement both feminine and masculine. Complete freedom to feel nice under my clothes. But also there is something intoxicating seeing a well presented female in nice underwear.

David October 04, 2018

Lingerie to me means the explicit expression of my gentle, feminine side. Deliberately dressed to show you I care.

Ally October 02, 2018

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