What I Like To Wear, Part 2

What I Like To Wear, Part 2

In yet another installment of "What I Like to Wear," we show you what Michael had going on under his casual, day-to-day outfit! 

Though we may like to take it easy with our fashion, our undergarments can reveal our true sense of style. The reveal from this hoodie and jeans to a luxurious, shimmering satin getup shows that you may be. Whether it's lacy, frilly, or shimmering panties that we wear under our everyday attire, what we wear under our clothes can show what we truly love wearing.

Let us know in the comments what kinds feminine undergarments you enjoy to wear most!

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I have never tried mens satin panties or bra before, I have always worn womens satin and lace panties and bra but for the first time in my life I would really like to wear mens shimmering satin panties and bras and nighties to see which one feels better on my skin


Satin/Lace Hipsters! In ALL of the colors that XDress offers! Matching sating bra and garter. White stockings. Glass of wine, good music, fire, and a nice person to cuddle with.




Love wearing lacy sexy anything but I love thongs and jockstrap. See thru briefs are also a huge turn on for me and also my wife. Going to order some camisoles and bodysuits next. Love pink or anything pastel.


I like to wear lacy bras and even lacier panties or Lace ruffle open crotch panty and nylons


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