What's All the Fuss?

What's All the Fuss?

Good day, dear readers. I hope this blog finds you doing well and enjoying your pretties. I got to thinking about the difference between men’s underwear and women’s panties. Even the very name suggests a sharp distinction – for men it is underwear and for women it is panties. Everyone knows men wear underwear, not panties. Although, women can refer to their underclothing as underwear instead of panties. It smacks at that same double standard that allows little girls to do typically guy things, like climbing trees and playing ball, but a little boy can’t play with dolls.

Men’s underwear is a rather boring topic – you can wear tighty-whities, or boxers. Hmm, not much variation there. I don’t know the reasoning behind the design of tighty-whities, but they look like a medieval torture device to me. I haven’t worn any in the last 35 years or so. I tried boxers a few years ago, just out of curiosity. I found the lack of support unsettling, and at the end of the day I took them off, only to discover that my skin was puckered around the waist line from the elastic waist band. I donated them to a charity thrift shop.


I suspect the reason men’s underwear is so limited can be summed up in one word; stereotyping. If a man wants to wear women’s panties, the almost immediate response I get is 'obviously he’s not straight' The reality is that the large majority of cross dressers are straight and in a relationship with a woman, according to every survey I have read.  To have a feminine side is not an issue of sexual preference. It is an issue of sensing oneself as more than a binary male.

In recent years, the men’s underwear industry has experimented a bit with design and type of material, but you won’t find lace or bows on those “underwear”. Oh no, that would be as bad as a little boy playing with dolls! So, while they have experimented a bit, onward still they trudge with very limited choice.


Contrast the boring sameness of male underclothing to the amazing world of women’s panties. The colors, styles, type of material – what fun! Until I discovered XDress and Body Aware, I wore women’s panties and enjoyed discovering all the styles to find out what worked and what didn’t for my particular form. The only drawback is that the gusset is cut for a woman’s physique and is too narrow to support the needs of a man. It was a good day when I stumbled across a men’s lingerie boutique called XDress. Wow! Panties actually designed for men! I’m sure by now I qualify for the status of Preferred Customer.  Why, they even have bras designed for men. Who would ever have thunk it? Many years past, I had a choice of tighty-whities or….thighty-whities. Now, for many years, every morning is fun – what pair of panties shall I wear today. It is fun every day!

In years past, before the advent of the internet, I thought I was alone in this. If you are in my age group (as in cross dressing before the internet) I’ll bet you thought you were the only one too. If anyone discovered I was wearing panties, they probably would have hidden their children from me.


Well, we do have an internet now, and the fact that there are boutiques such as XDress and Body Aware certainly does away with the notion that there are only a few of us strange men who like to wear panties and bras. They wouldn’t have been in business for over 20 years if that weren't true. No, we aren’t just a few. We are the folks that like lace and bows and satin. I have an idea – remember when the feminists had bra burning parties? Why don’t we have a tighty-whitie and boxer burning party?

So much for my thoughts. I’d love to hear what thoughts this article might have stirred up for you. Let me hear from you. In the meanwhile, enjoy those panties!

Fond regards,


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There really shouldn’t be a fuss about any of this! Especially in COVID times! The escapism of cross dressing is so much fun! Why shouldn’t men have the ability to wear panties and bras and lingerie? We earned the right just as women have. I love heading to the bar dressed up in a pencil skirt, silky blouse, heels and wig. Done up in complete makeup! I kinda have to admit, I look pretty hot! It took a while to muster up the courage to do that and to learn how to walk in heels, which is no easy task. I miss those days as COVID has destroyed the ability to lounge in a lounge. However, I still cross dress at home daily! Something that I couldn’t do Pre-COVID. And I love to lounge around in my XDress Satin and Lace Panties with matching Bra. Add the black panty hose and garter and a fun evening ensues….. I love this site! Keep the great products coming!


Hello Angie

Another super interesting post that transported me to my adolescence and how time had passed so fast. From an early age I felt like a girl at that time on a summer afternoon playing with a friend of mine and he kissed me on the mouth at first I was appalled not knowing what to do, at the same time I was loving it. From that day on, everything changed and it became clear to me that I wanted to be a woman. It was with him that everything started the first time I used panties, he asked me to use my mother’s. Then I started to acquire and until today I have not quit. I love lingerie and everything it represents to me. Like someone post here I often think that I see better and prettier shorts than co-workers. I hope to buy Xdress lingerie soon. Today I have black lace laces. We must feel beautiful every day Thank you for your blog.


Ah, panties! Your blog post took me back to the first time I wore those wonderful little things. It was a beautiful spring day during my senior year at college. I was over at my girlfriend’s apartment while she was out having lunch with some friends. I was reading her copy of the latest issue of Cosmo (I always told myself I just liked looking at the models, but I eventually realized something else was going on). Suddenly, I got an urge I couldn’t resist—I had to put on a pair of my gf’s panties! I got up from the couch and went into her bedroom, and quickly found her panty drawer. I grabbed a pair right off the top, a simple white cotton bikini bottom with a little lace trim. They felt so soft! I didn’t know when she was coming back, but I couldn’t wait. I hurriedly took off my pants and boxers, and started to put on the panties.
And then something happened that I will never forget. Before I could even get the panties up passed my knees, I had the biggest hard on I had ever had! All sorts of thoughts started going through my head, but I had to keep going. When I had them all the way on, I didn’t fit inside them, of course, but it didn’t matter. I was more turned on than I had ever been in my life. I had enough of my wits left to know that I couldn’t get completely carried away, or just stand there and wait for my gf to come back. She was the classic girl next door, and this wasn’t something she would understand. So I put my pants back on and my boxers in my pocket, and wrote her a short note saying something had come up, pun intended, and raced back to my place.
Suffice it to say, I had one of the most wonderful afternoons of my life just hanging out in my gf’s panties. It felt so sexy, and so relaxing the same time, a relaxation I had never felt before. I knew my life had changed in ways I only dimly understood at that point. But I knew it was time to start making a new life somewhere, so after graduation I headed to Southern California and its beautiful beaches, a place where men can wear bikini bottoms that look just like a woman’s—and maybe they are. I soon met a woman who loved to dress up her man en femme, and so began a journey that continues to this day. Thanks for the memories, Angie!


Hello cuties! We are changing the world! We wear our beautiful lingerie! We are talking about it! I ordered a nice lace old-fashioned garter belt! I have been studying a new line of my life! Every morning I stand in front of my mirror. I think about myself – How cute! You wear your bra, panties and stockings as a real lady! You such a feminine! I am so happy!
Be happy every day my friends!
Cutie Drew.

Cutie Drew (ex Andrew)

Hi guys! Today I am at work! I’m wearing my ivory lace panties and bra!I think…Probably, my panties are more beautiful than panties of my female colleagues!It makes me laugh!It is so cute!It is cool!


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