Where Do You Draw the Line: Fetish Frontiers!

Where Do You Draw the Line: Fetish Frontiers!

Good day, dear readers, and thank you for your following of my blogs. You are the best! I got to thinking about the whole issue of fetish, and decided to look it up. It is defined as, “a form of sexual desire in which gratification is linked to an abnormal degree to a particular object, item of clothing, part of the body, etc.” Beyond that, there are fetishes that are ascribed magical powers.


Frankly, that is a beyond me. Getting back to the original definition (I’m not going into the voodoo definition) did you start crossdressing because of sexual arousal? Did you find wearing panties a bit thrilling? Do you still find it so, or has wearing panties become just the usual thing for you? How about bras? I find both panties and bras so thrilling to wear. Honestly, matching bras and panties from Xdress, along with their matching camisoles are just about the best in the world!



Anyway, getting back to the topic, do you find dressing in beautiful lingerie an arousing experience, or is it just a normal part of your day? Xdress has a number of things that may appeal to a fetish dresser, such as dresses, petticoats & tutus (I love the Full Tulle Petticoat by the way), and skirts (check out the ballet skirt – way too cute!) The dresses especially suggest some form of role playing, and are definitely suited to fetish fun. Of course, there are some folks that go beyond this level to a frontier way beyond – the adult baby fetish. These are the folks that enjoy dressing as a baby, complete with diaper, bonnet, and teething ring or baby rattle, and wet their diapers. What do you think about that?



Getting back to the title of this blog, “Where do you draw the line?”, are you into fetish, or is dressing in lovely lingerie just a normal part of your life? What type of fetish goes from a “Hell, Yass!” to a “Hell, No!” for you? I’d love to hear your comments.

Fondest regards,

Angie (Guest Blogger)

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I’m new to XDress but really enjoying the blogs. This one got me thinking and asking myself if its a fetish or something more? I think if its something you do occasionally then its a fetish. I wear lingerie daily in the privacy of my home and its normal for me to do that. I still get a rush out of slipping into lingerie at the end of the day. I have been in public (sort of) while wearing a few things. I’ve gone to a steam-bath and walked about in a pretty lace panty with garter and thigh-highs. I have to say it was exhilarating knowing I had the attention of other males. Its a major turn-on.


I have a fantasy where my wife gives me a box for my birthday and I open it and inside is a baby girl dress in satin with little puff sleeves, and ruched top half with little flowers embroidered on it. It comes with big satin baby panties with rows of ruffles on front and back. The skirt of the dress is very short and flowy and covers only the top half of the panties. It includes little white booties and mittens, The mittens are joined by a white ribbon that attaches to a white satin neck choker, so my hands are held up towards my chest so I cannot touch myself. In my fantasy, sometimes the dress is girly pink, but sometimes light boy blue, and I am being punished as a boy and made to wear the dress.

My previous fantasy was about moving to a small island of the coast of Scotland that only had an all girls school, the boys school having closed for lack of pupils. The few remaining boys were allowed to join the girl’s school, but had to wear the school uniform of a plaid skirt and white blouse, white panties, white knee high socks and Mary Janes. The boys pleated skirts were much shorter than the girls to identify them. Of course they had to wear gym slips for games and leotards for ballet. Does anyone else have fantasies like this they can share, or am I just weird?


I am sitting here reading all of your comments. I feel underdressed. I am only wearing a white bra, bikini panties, black pantyhose, bodyshaper, and a black blouse. All the best girls. Kate. Xxxx


Just wearing a pair of panties, preferably in satin, starts a rush of adrenaline. I put the XDress Satin/Lace Panties on in the morning and feel a bit aroused all day. When I put them on in the morning, my SO knows that I want to play later that night. A subtle hint at the start of the day that says get ready for “Some Good Luvin’” as Lou Rawls used to say. The day is full of little reminders: Flirty texts, a few selfies, a few pics from the bathroom stall in my panties or her in hers. Getting home first is the key so you can set the mood. Light a few candles, get out of your clothes an into more lingerie. A few glasses of wine placed near the bed and the lights dimmed while I lay on the bed waiting for my SO to get home. She does the same thing if she beats me home. And we let the playtime begin……


I love cross dressing mostly in panties and gowns. My wife barely accepts this so I can get away with it sometimes. Lucky those who are really fully accepted.


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