Winter's Fires and Femme!

Winter's Fires and Femme!

The winter is among us and the skirts and dresses of Spring, Summer and Fall are tucked away as we bundle up for the long, cold winter.  For those who are not outward femme like some on this site, or even if you are outwardly femme all the time, the winter offers you an opportunity to embrace your femme side.

For those inward femme, nothing keeps you warm like lace body stockings, or Daisy Thong Bodysuit. How about the Purple Argyle Stockings! Dare to wear in the office and see what your co-workers think when you sit down for lunch and they see these beautiful stockings pop out from your navy gabardines! Wear them under your traditional clothes and keep a body warmer while wearing them. The body suits are fun, flirty, and add a layer of warmth for those cold winter days!



Of course, with the bulky clothes of winter, you may also be able embrace a bra for the first time! Oh what a feeling! Especially when combined with the matching panty. I especially like that XDress brought back the Satin and Lace Panty with Matching Bra set. So sexy, so femme! You will love it so much, I bet it carries into the other seasons! So many nice choices to wear under your clothes but help you embrace your inner femme. The satin is so soft and sexy it will make you feel more confident and sexy all wrapped into one-and that is a guarantee. 


Heading inside? Add a little fun to your regular routine of cleaning and dress in the French Maid Outfit and the Black Satin Ruffle Panty.  Your SO will enjoy you prancing around the house or apartment in this cute, fun, and flirty outfit! Add a little more spice and go commando underneath, you never know what may pop up when you bend over to wipe the countertop down.



Of course fires are great on a cold winter night!  Light the fire then light your partners fire! The new Satin Crotchless Panties combined with the Satin Nightie are a great gift to give (or receive) from your SO. The satin is luxurious and smooth and feels electric against your skin! Light a fire, stretch out a few blankets and cuddle up. Make sure to wrap your pillow in the Silk Pillow Case. You won’t ever go back to cotton, no matter the thread count, after you try this pillow out! And I bet you will have a hard time leaving the blanket to add another log to the fire! So romantic and sexy as you slide around in your satin outfit.  You and your SO will love it, I promise!

Soon spring will be upon us! The warmer weather will come and the signs of spring will pop up around us.  And although I look forward to this time of year and all the fabulous new collections and designs from XDress, I will celebrate the winter and enjoy it with my SO! I hope you can find some fun items to share with your SO as well! Stay safe and healthy! And, most important, embrace your femme!



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I certainly agree with Gord, but also I love the summer when I can run around at home in an XDress cami and panties, usually under short shorts. I love the hot weather!


I love winter bc I can Xdress under regular clothes all the time. From lace thongs to stockings to thong bodysuits to bras, it all works for me. I love embracing my inner femme with items from your website. Thx.


I love winter! Bodysuits, bras / panties that match! Stockings! All underneath! Toes painted! I love it! Now with summer coming i ll have to adjust ! But that’s ok, i can still wear my panties


Hi Scott

Winter is such a great time for underdressing.

Lace camis and hold-up stockings under my regular suits and shirts are a perfect way to keep warm and snug.

With appropriately matched panties they warm up the inside of the house when the outer layers come off at the end of the day.

Ally x


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