Love the panties but wish there was a sexy top to go with it?
XDresshas pretty tank tops and camis to complete the look with your cute satin or lace undies.
The Adriana Babydoll Set £40.95
The Smooth Satin Tank £22.95
The Picot Ribbed Camisole £21.95
Polka Dot Camisole Sky Blue £19.95

Soft Rayon Camisole £18.95
Secret Satin Tank £23.95
Polka Dot Camisole Coral £19.95
The Smooth Satin Cami £24.95

The Butterfly Nightie £39.95
Rayon Sports Tank £22.95
Rayon Tank £19.95
The Henley Nightie £34.95

Soft Rayon Tank £22.95
So Fitting Rib Cami £19.95
XDress has many different underwear and tops to choose from. Some of them have multiple tops and bottoms that may match as well so that you can mix and still match. XDress also has many different types of tops that can be used as sleepwear, athletic wear, or loungewear for around the house. Our men's camis have different cuts such as spaghetti straps or racer back. We also offer tops in satin and rayon. Give a camisole or tank top a try today!

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