Okay, You Wear Panties...Now What?

For many of us, panties were the very first piece of lingerie we ever tried on.  Who can resist a pair of pretty panties?  There are so many options to choose from... panties with ruffles, panties with bows, pretty lace on the edging, satin, silk, cotton... and of course, there are so many shades of pink to wear and patterns and styles to choose from. Panties were the first piece of lingerie I bought when I started to build my wardrobe and are still my favorite thing to shop for.


But by now your drawer is probably filled with pink panties, sexy thongs, and panties with pretty flowers patterned on them. So...what's next? I like to think that panties are a gateway lingerie, the first step to creating a beautiful wardrobe of pretty things to wear under our clothes (or in the bedroom!). It's completely normal for us to crave new pretty things to wear, but what should you wear next?  I'm glad you asked!


For some of us, the natural next step is buying a bra. Although, there is nothing sexier than a matching bra and panty, I would recommend first picking out some camisoles. Camisoles are tops that usually have thin spaghetti straps that are available in a variety of fabric, colours and patterns. You can find a cami with sexy lacy edging, camis made of irresistible satin and camis covered in flirty polka-dots. Camis are amazing to wear under a work shirt...a sexy secret only you know about. They're also perfect for lounging in or for sleeping. Camis are also pretty undetectable under clothes and are ideal for adding a little more femininity to your day. Everyone needs a few matching cami/panty sets. 

Another favorite piece of lingerie are bodysuits. Bodysuits come in a variety of fabrics... mesh, satin and lace. Bodysuits look sexy and more importantly, they feel sexy. They're perfect for wearing under our boring work clothes and for nightwear. My favorite Xdress bodysuit is the Daisy Mesh Bodysuit. No one can resist the touch of mesh and a pretty daisy pattern that just adds the perfect girly touch. If you are looking to start your day in an amazing way, it doesn't get better than waking up in this feminine bodysuit.

If you still want more beautiful lingerie in your wardrobe (and who doesn't?), it's time to add the most feminine thing you can wear...a bra. Of course, why stop at just one bra? There are so many options to choose from. In my lingerie dresser (yes, I have a full dresser!) I have bras for every occasion. Certain bras are needed for certain outfits, whether I need a push-up bra or a strapless one or one of a certain colour. And of course, every bra needs a matching panty. You'll need bras that are sensible and functional, but everyone needs sexy bras, too. My absolute favorite matching set that Xdress sells is the Champagne Pink Ruffle Bra and matching tanga. You'll love how you'll look in a matching set.

Finally, once you've added camis, bodysuits and bras to your lingerie wardrobe (see how it quickly you can fill an entire dresser?), it's time to add the cherry to the sundae with stockings and garter belts.  Nothing says sexy like a pair of sheer black stockings held by a lacy garter belt... even better when the garter belt matches your bra and panty. Stockings come in a variety of options and trust me, you'll want and need them all. I have an entire drawer dedicated to stockings and I have stockings for every occasion. Hold-ups, seamed stockings, and the ultimate in sexiness, fishnets. If you're looking to feel your sexiest, whether in the bedroom or under your three piece suit, you can't go wrong with a matching bra, panty and garter belt. 

Have fun building your lingerie wardrobe!  And please tell us, what is your favorite sexy thing to wear?



Jim, You should try wearing a camisole and panties in bed as a gentle introduction to set the scene for later trying a nightie. A camisole looks more “normal”, like a tank top but with sexy narrow straps, so your wife will most likely accept it and maybe even love you in it! Xdress has some super cute camisoles, so take the first step!

Johnnie October 13, 2021

I wear panties 24/7 and my wife supports my fetish. I want to wear a nightie to bed

Jim October 13, 2021

Feel great, smooth and great fit plus the colors are so nice and the man thing now has some play room.

Martin August 16, 2021

Marsha, I too love the color of “periwinkle”. Every time I find lingerie in this color, I just have to purchase it. Would love to find a sheer, see-thru baby doll in this color. I have been able to purchase several sheer panties in this color as well.

Ron November 29, 2020

Dean, like you, I too love sheer baby dolls. X-dress, I wanted to say that I still have that white, sheer, see-thru baby doll I purchased from you long, long ago! Would love to see sheer baby dolls in more colors. Periwinkle would be sexy as well. Would even like to find a full length sheer baby doll/gown in this color as well. Dean. so lucky to have had a chance to wear moms and by the way, I did use panties to stuff mums & sisters bras as well. Try using water balloons, you will love the bounce when wearing big bra cups.

Ron November 29, 2020

Hi Hannah, I have enjoyed women’s satin underwear since I was about 10. I now wear satin string open tanga underwear 24/7. I know that if I could I would wear satin full slips, garter belts with fresh stockings with my satin panties. There is nothing like that feel of satin against satin against my skin. Thank you for this place to express this. Chris

Chris October 16, 2020

The sexiest thing I wear is the satin and lace hipster with matching bra! Thank you XDress!

Scott October 02, 2020

Yes I too started xdressing by wearing panties. I loved it, the look and the feel, and it wasn’t too long before i I was in college, living on my own, wearing a bra and I kept adding to my lingerie collection. I now wear lingerie 24-7 and my wife love it!

Lee September 04, 2020

many congratulations for the blog. I confess that I didn’t know Xdress, much less that there was a specific lingerie brand for men. I started wearing lingerie in my teens encouraged by my boyfriend at the time and I never left. I like beautiful and comfortable lingerie, but in men we have some difficulty. I usually use thong, Brazilian underwear and shorts by the brands Lise Charmel, Aubade and La Perla. I tried Intimissimi but I didn’t like the manufacture. I can barely try yours! Nuno.

Nuno January 23, 2020

Nothing beats a hot pair of panties, of course (and is there any other kind?). But has xdress thought of making a romper? They’ve become my favorite go-to outfit. I think it’s the fact that they’re one-piece that makes them so much sexier than just a top and a pair of shorts. When you put them on, you know immediately that you’re wearing something only a woman would wear. And there’s nothing sexier than that!

Jackie September 16, 2019

I wear panties 24/7 since wearing all the time I have never had a girlfriend object!!i also love garters am thigh high stockings and makes one look and feel sexy and that is what it is supposed to do!!! Unfortunately I love the good stuff Lise Charmel Aubade Ravage La perla pleasure state.

Dave May 30, 2019

I have been wearing panties for few years.. not on a daily frequency… I also love to feel the touch of stocking on my hairy legs… the "amorphic border between my manhood and femininity turns me on..
I hope to be able to wear more, especially outside but also at home ( i don’t feel comfortable near my little kids)
I’d like to wear more babydoll or robes and to start wearing high heels (that my wife promised to buy me, but hasn’t till now).
I’m waiting for large size bra to be available again in your store, in order to buy one or two for the first time

Yaniv January 07, 2019


I wanted to wear panties and women’s underwear for a while but was afraid how my wife would react.

I managed to tell her a couple of weeks ago and she’s perfectly fine with it and very supportive, even gave me a pair of her Ann summers panties and a bra (although I didn’t feel I suited a bra) I’ve now got a few pairs of panties and a body stocking and love how they make me feel sexy, something I’ve ever felt in my 40+ years. I’m looking forward to building my wardrobe with more underwear and maybe some sexy nighties.

Colin September 12, 2018

Panties of any description are the ultimate essential. Personally after panties would come stockings (Hold ups or suspenders) and girdles. I have no real interest in bras or outer clothing but different materials (eg Leather, latex) without becoming too fetishist would be appealing. I would also like to see more in the way of shapewear apart from the obvious girdle/corset/waspie…great as they are!

Fritz August 28, 2018

Hi Ally! If you’re going to wear a bra, the panties must match! :)

Love, Hannah

Hannah McKnight June 08, 2018

Hi Renate!
Panties, garters and stockings are amazing. Is there anything better than sleeping in a nightie?

Love, Hannah

Hannah McKnight June 08, 2018

Matching bra and panty sets in lace or satin with opaque lace-top hold-ups and mid-height heels. Perfect.

Ally May 29, 2018

My favourite Things to wear are stretchy thongs, bra’s, pantyhose and bodysuits. When I wear panties I’d love to wear a garter with nylon stockings. In bed I’d love to wear a silk nighty at knee lenght.

Renate May 22, 2018

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