XDress has all of the sexiest tights and pantyhose for men that you've always dreamed of.
Try some tights with your lingerie today!
Industrial Strength Fishnets £10.95
Wet Look Lace and Lace Up Stockings £19.95
Polka Dot Sheer Pantyhose £11.95
Luxury Hold Ups £15.00

Wet Look Lace Stocking £18.95
Stay-Up Stocking £10.95
Pop of Color Nylon Pantyhose £11.95
Crochet Knee Socks £12.50

Floral Net Tights £11.95
Wet Look Stockings £18.95
Seamed Stockings £10.00
Luxury Pantyhose for Men £24.95

XDress provides the most beautiful and luxurious tights, pantyhose, stockings, and socks available for men. We know that men want to feel sexy too, so we have sized all of our hosiery just for you. Try some thigh high stockings with one of garter belts, we guarantee you will experience levels of sexiness that you've never achieved before. XDress also has some pretty cute socks as well that can help you feel like a beautiful school girl. Why not experiment with some men's crossdressing hosiery and see where it will take you.

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