There are few things more beautiful than a man wearing a sexy thong!
XDress has all of the thong styles that you will ever need.
The Ripstop Frilly Thong £19.95
The Greek God Thong £19.95
Cinco String £19.95
Paisley Picot Thong £20.95

Southwest Rose Thong £18.95
Perk It Up Butt Lifter £32.95
The Holy Moly Hybrid £23.95
The Rosy Thong £20.95

The Chantilly Lace Thong £18.95
Glistening Satin and Lace Thong Panty £17.95
The Greek Lace Thong £18.95
Strut Your Stuff Thong £18.95

The Fireworks Thong £19.45
Satin Corkscrew Thong £21.95
Glow in the Dark Thong £21.95
Venus Flytrap Swing Thong £19.95

Rio Night Satin Thong £18.95
The Cuddle Up Thong £20.50
Just Breathe Thong £18.95
The Glistening Satin G-String £18.95

Feel the liberation that a thong gives to man's life but indulging in all that XDress has to offer. Men's thongs are not only incredibly sexy, they feel amazing and don't confine like other men's underwear seems to do. Thongs are perfect for hot weather, under your jeans or slacks, or just showing off that butt to your partner! XDress also has many styles to choose from, in lace, sissy, satin, and erotic. We have also incorporated bright colors and patterns that you will not see elsewhere in men's underwear. With so many thong options you'll wonder how you ever got along without XDress.

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