Why doe she get to have all of the fun?
Men's Lingerie by XDress makes you feel beautiful, confident, and sexy.
New Satin Camisole £26.00
New Satin Bodysuit £38.00
The Smooth Satin Tank £28.00
Sleek Satin Nightie £38.00

Circle Fishnet Thigh High £28.00
Lace Garter Belt £16.00
The Sexy Satin T-Shirt £28.00
Cuban Heel Thigh High £28.00

Polka Dot Thigh High £28.00
Argyle Thigh High £28.00
Wet Look Garter £39.00
Floral Mesh Nightie £40.00

Sleek Satin Camisole £27.00
Fishnet Garter Set £18.00
Smooth Satin Bodysuit £37.00
High Waisted Lace Garter £20.00

The Satin Rosebud Bra £27.00
YogaAware Bodysuit £37.00
Rayon Sports Tank £24.00
Shadow Stripe Bodysuit £32.00

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