Not quite a thing and not quite a brief, XDress tangas give you the best of both worlds!
Tangas are quite possibly the most functional, yet sexy, underwear a man can wear.
Summer Satin Rose Panty £19.95
Champagne Pink Ruffle Tanga £18.95
Funkadelic Women's Tanga £12.95 £18.95
Funkadelic Tanga for Him £12.95 £19.95

The Lace Kinky Tanga £19.95
Lace and Velvet Tanga £18.50
3 Degrees of Dazzle £18.95
The Tactel Tanga £17.50

Glow in the Dark Tanga £21.95
The Alternative Tanga £15.95
Soft and Sexy Lace Tanga £17.95
Tangas are great for an every day underwear that can wear under your jeans but are also incredibly cute looking. The best thing about XDress tangas is that you will find that ours come in a vast array of styles and materials. We have some sporty styles but we also have very pretty tanga panties that come in lace and satin. Tangas aren't just for the ladies anymore, with extra pouch space in the front XDress makes tangas possible for the male physique. Try a string tanga to show off your sexy thunder thighs or a see through tanga to show off your manhood.

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