The Excitement of Dressing-Up!

The Excitement of Dressing-Up!

In no way do I believe that the way I feel about cross-dressing is the way everyone who cross-dresses feels. And that includes people who are born male but identify as female or those that are on a male to female transition journey – we all have our own feelings. But I find a simple happiness in recognizing, and accepting, that I find it all just so exciting!

And what’s wrong with that?

I don’t ask anyone to accept my preferences for wearing lacy and satin underwear and stay-up stockings. I’m kind of OK that the majority of the world won’t accept my cross-dressing as ‘normal’. To an extent I would feel comfortable going about my daily business dressed ‘en-femme’. Heaven knows, it might even feel less exciting if I got to do it on the daily amongst others!

The excitement of wearing gorgeous lingerie, skirts, tops, heels and make-up (I can’t get used to wigs) began, for me, at an early age – like it did for many of you, I guess. It remains today. I’ve purged, I’ve tried to control my feelings – but it comes back just as strong. And why should I resist?

Our old friend Aristotle thought of a life of pleasure as enough for a good life or a life well-lived – alongside a life of honour, wealth, health, or eminence. Take your pick. Some psychologists suggest a good life is a mixture of pleasurable, meaningful and varied experiences. Others say that hedonic goal pursuits (e.g. having fun) may be just as important for our well-being as long-term goal pursuits (e.g. learning something new to get a better job).

On that basis, a little of what I fancy ought to do me good!

In truth, I wonder if I can even justify - as if I need to – my cross-dressing as something that puts me in touch with my feminine side. After all, what is either feminine or masculine about clothes?

Do I wear women’s clothes? No, I wear my clothes. It’s just that most people probably associate my clothes with those mainly worn by women – whereas Aristotle and his friends probably knew a thing or two about wearing a skirt, or ‘a chiton’ as it might have been called.

Do I feel feminine when I wear my lingerie and dresses? Well, how would I know what feeling feminine feels like? I’m not even sure what feeling masculine feels like. Do women spend their lives feeling feminine any more than I spend my life feeling masculine? Probably not. Although, there seems to be a lot of evidence to suggest that people have a male or female experience of the world, I think that’s probably a little different to feeling either masculine or feminine.

Maybe what I do in cross-dressing is construct my own feminine ideal and find that exciting to occupy for a little space of time. I find it hard to imagine that, in general, women feel as excited as I do when dressed in what they wear on a daily basis. However, I can also imagine that some women might do.

British artist Grayson Perry has said that people accept his cross dressing because he is an artist – he’s “allowed to be weird”. At the same time, he accepts that attitudes towards him might be different if he were a banker. Though in no way should this permit intimidation, aggression and exclusion towards people that harmlessly digress from societal norms.

In day-to-day life I’m probably more banker than artist. My dressing remains hidden, subtle, or in accepting company.

I don’t want to tell you what the reasons for cross-dressing are or should be. It’s good enough for me to be excited by the looks I can create. A creative act or even a delusional one at times – I’m no cat-walk model. Should it matter? Like any craft it takes time, practice, and experimentation to create a satisfying work.

Do you need to find reasons for what you do? Or is it enough discovering the fact that 'It’s All Just So Exciting!'



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OMG I’ve just stumbled upon a Cristian prayer web site intended for people to stop crossdressing, nothing against them but, I’m past the point of no return, there’s nothing better than I Like than wearing some sexy lingerie, stockings & suspenders, miniskirt, & high heels. I just love getting ready doing my makeup hair etc. & going out to find a real man.


I’m just a dude in a dress. I don’t identify as a sissy or a cuck. In our relationship humiliation is not our kink. I don’t wear makeup or wigs. I don’t want to pass. For me it’s about a feeling. I’m super sensitive to touch and textures. Women’s clothes have always felt soft and silky. The first time I remember trying on women’s clothes was when I was about 3-4 until puberty my mother “allowed” me to wear her underwear and some of her clothes. It was never spoken but she knew and would make sure I could find her softest silkiest items. To this day I get a sense of peacefulness and tranquility when I wear lingerie or a long flowy dress. I like to prance in heals and my wife like the way they make my ass poke out. I LOVE YOYR BEARDED MODELS. I get tired of only seeing the effeminate twinks. Brovo xdress brovo. Wes The dude in a dress


It started in my early teens, I loved sneaking into my sister’s room putting on her bra panties and panty hose. Then I moved to my mother’s underwear putting on her panties and girdle I just love the way I look in women’s underwear and I love seeing other men in panties.


I love the open and frank discussions about x dressing.
Being bi sexual allows me to experience the best of both worlds. Interestingly, it’s men, rather than women who enjoy my x dress panties, thongs and strings. Whilst a woman may comment on the style or colour, men generally are quite indulgent about their preferences sometimes of a sexual nature, the thrill of seeing a man in gorgeously designed underwear often becomes arousing for them and me.
For me, this aspect is one I frankly adore. In reality, there is a feminine side to my choice of underwear and the pleasure I gain from openly exhibiting myself to others.
X dress long may you continue to produce excellent men’s underwear and the joy it brings to so many.


I’m a 35 yo male , Aussie bloke actually! . Since the age of around 10 i used to go through my mums panty draw and wear them . She found them in my room from time to time which was embarrassing. I’m now married and since day 1 I’ve said to my wife I liked ladies Panties . I was honest and my wife accepts it and even buys me lingerie from time to time . I wear all kinds of panties to bed as my sleep ware . Finding the most comfy ones was difficult but Xdress makes that easy . I have so many pairs it’s not funny . I don’t label myself as a xdresser gay or bi I’m a straight guy who likes Lacey undies .


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